Do you know about Chinese slate tiles? – Roofing slates that will last you a lifetime!

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At B and M Henderson, a roofing company in Blackburn, we supply a wide variety of roofing slates which means that you have different options to choose from as we know that deciding on the right roofing slates can be a daunting task. Not only do we need the suitable roofing material to fulfil the needs of keeping your home dry, but they also need to look right once they installed and for years to come – it is a big investment so at our roofing company in Blackburn, we ensure that you are given expert advice tailored specifically to your requirements.

Our roofing company in Blackburn are here to offer you more information on Chinese slates and how they can be suited to your property, so that you can make an informed decision on this investment.



Although Chinese slate tiles have been around for many years, these roofing slates have only come onto the scene in the modern industry in the last 20 years.

In the mid-nineties, China started to distinguish different qualities of slate – with issues reported such as fading slates, water absorption, and acid resistance. With the introduction of high quality processing machines from Europe and improved quality control, China is now able to produce Chinese slate tiles that are to a high standard, making them competitive roofing slates in the market.


Installing Chinese Slate Tiles:

Our Roofing Company in Blackburn recommends that the Chinese slate tiles are sorted into at least three grades of thickness.

Grading any slate found to be twisted, bowed etc should be put to one side and used for eaves or top slate, cut for half slate, valleys or chimneys.

The sorting and grading of the roofing slates are best carried out whilst holding the slate.

New roofing slates are not to be walked on – it usually means that the contractor does not know what they are doing and you will have the headache of the tiles falling off.

Slates made for floors are laid on the floor when installed.



Chinese slate tiles offer you an investment that is likely to last you a lifetime – it will last 150 years if designed and installed correctly!

Whilst many roofing slates will have faded out of existence in the time that Chinese slate tiles are functioning without showing any signs of ageing – of course, the amount of years that the Chinese slate tiles are primarily based on how well the roofing slates are installed.

At B and M Henderson, a roofing company in Blackburn, we believe that by choosing to install the Chinese slate tiles, you will be investing in a roofing that will last you a lifetime – this means not needing to worry about repairing or replacing your roofing slates.

We offer two types of Chinese slate tiles; Imperial and Majestic. If you would like more information on these particular roofing slates or you want to learn more about other slates, our roofing company in Blackburn are happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!





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Firestone Rubber Roofing Company in Lancashire

Firestone rubber roofing offers a unique combination of benefits that could be suitable for your project. Alarming environmental concerns has caused the roofing market to change with people opting to decide on a roofing material that will provide long-term solutions in terms of money efficiency, roofing life expectancy but also choosing a roofing style with less environment impact. The Firestone rubber roofing is a popular roofing style for homeowners who wish to have a flat roof which is extremely durable, leak-free and requires little maintenance despite its ageing. The Firestone rubber roofing is revolutionary in the flat roof cover market and as we are rubber roofing material suppliers in Lancashire, you can rely on us for advice.


Benefits of Firestone rubber roofing


Firestone RubberCover EPDM membranes offer resistance to ozone, UV radiation and extreme temperatures, with a life expectancy of up to 50 years. The rubber roofing materials are designed to accommodate both weather changes and building movements. With over a billion square metres of roof installations around the world, it proves the high performance of the Firestone rubber roofing durability.


Available in large sizes

Firestone roofing come in various sizes and one single large sheet can completely cover a small residential roof without any field seaming. This means that you do not need to worry about seams becoming weaker or the rubber roofing materials degrading over time. Its high flexibility is another benefit as it can be installed all year round and also the membrane can elongate to accommodate building movements.


Low maintenance

A big selling point to the Firestone rubber roofing is its easy installation and that once installed, the rubber roofing material requires little or no maintenance to keep functioning which makes it a high performing roofing option in the flat roof market.


Environmentally friendly

Our rubber material roofing limits environmental impact during all stages including manufacturing, installation, and use. The initial production of the membrane has a low embodied energy number and once installed, no substances are released from the membrane, which allows collection and use of run-off rainwater for household applications. At the end of its life, the Firestone rubber roofing can be recycled and reused in various applications such as walkway pads.

At B and M Henderson, a roofing company in Burnley, we are proud stockists of Firestone rubber roofing as we are constantly looking to find roofing material that reduces environmental impact, but also supplying roofing material ideal to suit any style of property. If Firestone rubber roofing is not for you, we also have a wide selection of roofing materials for you to choose from. We are the rubber roofing material supplier in Lancashire to go to, and we offer a UK wide delivery service if you can’t make the journey. If you want a quote or more information regarding our Firestone rubber roofing or other roofing products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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