Bake Off in style this autumn with our UPVC products!

The new series of Bake Off has returned to our screens which gives you the perfect opportunity to become an inspired baker again; dust down your apron and trawl through your cupboards to find your baking equipment. Revive your passion for baking with the diverse and challenging recipes that the show delivers every week and spoil your friends with tasty treats in the perfect environment.

At B&M, we guarantee that you will have the space for the ultimate bake off party that everyone will be talking about. Summer is coming to an end but that does not necessarily mean an end to baking. Facilitating to your needs, we will provide you with the perfect location and environment to hold these special events. We will ensure that your conservatory is ideal for any occasion, whether it be for a quiet night in with a glass of wine or to recreate those unforgettable parties filled with crumbly biscuits and soft sponges.

Our large range of UPVC products in Lancashire and high quality roofing ensures that it will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations, keeping all your delicious cakes warm and fresh, especially with double glazing windows and doors and the best roof slates which are adaptable to UK’s rainy weather. In a country prone to torrential storms, your roof can be significantly damaged, with tiles being blown off and cracked material. However, with our help, you can relax knowing that you will be keeping cosy and dry during autumn and the upcoming winter months.


Your conservatory will be a more impressive venue than your standard kitchen as it will be a space that will allow you and your guests to be cosy and more comfortable, truly taking the indoors out.


Our strong trading connections and our recognition as Lancashire’s most experienced roofing suppliers means that our roofing material and services are consistently of the best quality with your best interests at heart.

You can certainly rely on us and our long-term performance products that come with a 10 year guarantee. We have showed our commitment and dedication down the years to guarantee that we meet each customer’s requirements, so ring us for a free quote, and let us provide you with that perfect Bake Of-worth star conservatory!

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Firestone Roofing From B&M Henderson Roofing Company In Lancashire!

As well as being Lancashire’s leading slate and roofing tile suppliers, our roofing company in Lancashire also supply the best EPDM Membranes from Firestone RubberCover™. In fact, if you’re seeking a roofing company Lancashire for EPDM membranes, look no further than B&M Henderson and our roofing tile suppliers as we are Lancashire’s primary stocklists for Firestone roofing products! Firestone roofing were established in 1980 and since then, have installed over an impressive 1,000,000,000m2 of membranes across the world.

These products, which have been impressing homeowners around the United States of America for well over 40 years can be very advantageous to both you and your roof for a number of ways. One of the first and most impressive benefits of using this product on your roof is that it can offer up to 50 years of fantastic service with minimal hassle. This means that whenever we experience a sudden change in temperature for example, you can rely on your roof to cope with the changes. The durability of this product also means that you need not worry about any potential problems that could arise with other products such as degradation and becoming weaker over time. You can guarantee that when you choose Firestone RubberCover EPDM membranes from our roofing tile suppliers, your roof will remain leak free and sealed.

Quality Burnley  Roofing Tile Suppliers

Take it from our roofing company Lancashire, one of the most important factors of all modern day roofing products is the environmental impact that each product has. Fortunately, the EPDM membranes we supply come with a very minimal environmental impact as they are manufactured & installed in a way that offers maximum protection for your home whilst also ensuring a positive impact on the environment.

When people seek roofing tile suppliers and find our roofing company in Lancashire, they receive nothing but quality in terms of products and service alike. If you would like any more information regarding products from our roofing tile suppliers such as our extensive range of roof tiles, simply get in touch with B&M Henderson roofing company Lancashire today. We deliver within 24 hours across Lancashire, the North West and Manchester, from Burnley to Blackburn, the Ribble Valley to Skipton and beyond.

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We are one of the largest importers of natural roofing slates in the UK. Use our slate tile selector now to find the perfect slate to match your criteria.

We stock a massive range of reclaimed roof tiles and if we don't have what you are looking for we can usually source it for the best price around.

At Henderson's we provide a one-stop-shop for all your roofing supplies. Working with the biggest brands we supply the roofing trade from one central outlet.